Praise the Lord! Rescue Network Nepal has 4099 trained active volunteers in the country.   

Rescue Network Nepal has been providing first aid training throughout Nepal along with other activities like providing relief packages, health camps, awareness programs, etc., for the community benefits and for strengthening our network of local coordinators by mobilizing them. From 1st Shrawan 2076 to 31st Asadh, 2077 (17th July, 2019 to 15th July, 2020 AD), RNN has been able to provide 21 training in different training centers, train 567 trainees. According to our principle ‘through the church to the community’ these trainees involved from 100 different community social organizations, churches, schools and colleges. This year 9 Refresher trainings are completed. RNN has distributed 31 first aid boxes and kits and 23 stretchers to different training centers this year. With those first aid boxes and stretchers, the RNN Volunteers have provided help to different people in the community. We have got 59 Incident reports provided by the trainees who have aided the injured people with the tools and techniques taught by RNN; among them, 13 were referred to hospital for further treatment. Those 59 incident reports do not represent all the incidents of the help given as many of the volunteers who are assisting with first aid do not always remember to send the report to RNN but they are only the reports which were sent in to RNN. But as per the information provided by the trainees, the community and church members have been benefitted with the trainings conducted. Pastors and coordinators as well as people from village municipalities and municipalities have been very much helpful as well as cooperative to us.

This year due to COVID 19 we couldn’t continue our training from second week of March, 2020, but we involved in relief works to the needy people who lost their jobs and had no money to fulfill their basic needs like food supply and medicines. In Nepal, because of this pandemic there was the immediate lockdown causing the people in this developing country workless and foodless. The laborers and other workers who had to work regularly for meeting their daily supplies and basic needs like food had a very difficult time. We could provide help to around 700 households.

Relief Packages Distribution
Water and other equipment sent to DCCMC Holding Center


Distribution of PPEs to Ward Office


Distribution of PPEs to Hospital










In the meantime, when the government started bringing back the Nepali people from abroad who had been stuck because of pandemic, they were kept in the holding center of Province 1 & 2 in Bhaktapur operated by DCCMC and Nepal Army. Those people were kept there for checkups and then sent to quarantine before sending them back to their respective villages and homes. We could provide few supports with Nepal Army in that place by providing drinking water and Personal Protective Equipment like Masks, Face shields, Sanitizers and so on. Similarly, we also provided these equipment to our local coordinators in different districts and also various Christian Organizations and governmental organizations (ward offices and hospitals) working in Nepal had requested us to provide them some PPEs as they had to work with safety. Our local coordinators are actively helping us even in this situation to bring approvals of our training programs for the new Nepali fiscal year 2077/078.

Training requests from both community and churches and more requests from local government as well are already enlisted for the upcoming Fiscal Year which starts from mid-July 2020 to mid-July 2021 (1st Shrawan 2077 to 31st Asadh 2078) from different parts of the country. We are praying for this and we can see the plan of God for His glory through our works so that we can share His love to people all over the country. Our local coordinators have been continually requesting for training in and around their communities. Now we will keep the minimum number of trainees of about 15 people according to the hall size, using all the safety precautions.

Report Prepared By: Elina Maharjan
For Rescue Network Nepal