Rescue Network Nepal (RNN) was formed on 26th November 2012 with the primary goal of teaching first aid to Christian churches, community folks and selected social organizations throughout Nepal, in order to teach them how to aid people injured in traffic or other accidents in village life. By working through community and church leaders, RNN aims to establish a network of trained first aid providers throughout Nepal capable of providing critical care for serious injuries. Additionally, the aim is to make basic health and first aid knowledge more accessible in order that community people can cope with the accidents that happen in everyday village life. The long-term goal of RNN is to spread this training so widely that it will form a network of trained attendants capable of assisting the transport of injured persons to hospitals all along the major roads of Nepal. The training conducted so far has been received with great enthusiasm in the communities, and RNN is currently working exceptionally hard to meet the soaring demand that their good work has created.