Accomplishments Thus Far:

Since the last 10 years, RNN has, for the glory of the Lord, been providing first aid trainings to different places of the country. We have been providing immediate relief in cases of emergency like earthquake and flood along with the needed first aid services in those emergency situations. We have reached out to marginalized groups, communities in the most remote parts of Nepal (such as Mugu, Jumla, Kalikot and Taplejung) as well as Kathmandu Valley, various places of Terai and other major cities. Till date (31st December, 2022) in 230 training centers over 5000 trainees have been trained and certified. In these training centers, 1129 different social organizations, schools, colleges and churches had involved. After getting the training, the first responders have reported using their knowledge to assist in many accidents, some of which were quite serious involving immediate transport to hospital. After the 2015 earthquake, we were able to provide relief packages right up to the fifth phase, altogether providing packages to 4464 houses and churches across different regions of Nepal. Similarly, during flood in different times, we were able to provide relief to around 800 households in the most affected parts of the Terai, from the Far East to the Far West of Nepal. Also, during COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to provide awareness programs along with distribution of food, clothes during lockdown and masks, sanitizers, soap and PPEs for safety.

The vital work of RNN is possible only because of your generosity in His name.