RNN’s mission is to teach volunteers in roadside communities and rural areas in basic methods of administering first aid to victims of accidents. In Nepal there are a limited number of good hospitals or health facilities for treatment outside the capital and even an ambulance takes a long time to come or sometimes it may not come at all. Our trainees provide care for those involved in road traffic accidents. Anyone who has driven around Nepal knows how dangerous and unsafe the roads are. RNN trainees who have been trained by us have also been actively treating basic injuries incurred in day-to-day village life. This has saved on family expenses and often unnecessary trips to a health facility. Due to lack of knowledge about minor injuries and treatments, a great number of people can lose their lives.

It is reassuring to know that more than 5606 first responders are ready to respond with first aid whenever highway or domestic accidents occur, stretching right from the East to the West of Nepal and more are being trained so that more areas can be covered.