20th April we went to mid-west and far-west region of Nepal due to humble request of Pastor. Bijaya BK for new training and refresher training. It was very fruitful to RNN. Specially one thing touched my heart and I felt that God has blessed my work.

ulcer leg

After that, we went to Kusumdanda, Baniyabhar VDC, Bardiya district for new training session. This place is near Babai River and this river posses distinguish water creature like, Ghadiyal crocodile, gangatic dolphin. Kusumdanda is 7 km far from Mahendra higway and across the thick jungle of Bardiya National Park. Sometimes tigers and wild elephants can be seen in this jungle. Bardiya National park is famous for tigers and wild elephants. 10\15 years ago, there was a very bad tradition in Kusumdanda and neighboring village and that is newly married bride had to spend one night at the landlords (Jamindars) home. There is less number of literate people and those are mainly the men. Only few people has seen cities read and write. We were in deep thought of how to give them training because we even couldn’t understand their language. But when the training started we saw the their willingness to learn and after seeing this we were so eager to give them training. After two days training we saw a man with wound caused by fire. He was taken to hospital but still there was a small ulcer remained and he couldn’t do any works because of the raw wound. His wife has also participated in our training. After the training, his wife took us to their home to show his raw wound. We told her you have alread

Tabita Bandaging her husband’s leg.

Tabita Bangaging her husband’s leg.[/caption]y got this first aid training and there is first aid box and now you can do is dressing by your own. We also told her to do his dressing in front of us. She did it very proficiently. We told her to do dressing everyday if the wound did not heal but we suggested her to take him to the nearby hospital. Someday ago we had a call from the Pastor from same village and he told that the man with raw wound was now healed and started going to his farm and his wife is doing dressing of other people and she is giving electrolyte(jeevan jal) and cetamol(fever and mild pain) to the needy ones. The man is very happy because of Rescue Network Nepal made his wife as a village nurse. He is proud of his wife’s work. This thing touched my heart. Praise The Lord for making this thing possible.

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